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11 Expert Decorator Tips for Making a Long Beach Studio Apartment or Cramped Room Feel Bigger

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Smaller living spaces are on the rise everywhere. People see the appeal of fewer things and more experiences. The problem can come when a small room feels like a cramped room. That does not have to be the case. 

There are many options for creating a spacious look and feel to even tiny living quarters. You can create a design that truly represents who you are and still provides great function. 

Read on for 11 tips on how to make a small apartment seem larger. 

1. White Ceiling

One way to make a room appear larger is to draw the eyes upward. Painting the ceiling a bright white is a great way to do that. You can also try an eye-catching wallpaper up there.  

2. Space Between Furniture and Walls

Having all the furniture pushed up against the walls can create an enclosed feeling. Pulling it out a bit creates the illusion of more space. Even a small space between the furniture and walls will help. 

3. The Use of Rugs

Rugs can be the answer to how to make a small bedroom feel bigger. Have you ever heard that vertical stripes on clothing can make a person appear longer and lean? A rug with stripes has the same effect on a room, lengthening the look. 

Also, consider using a few smaller rugs instead of one large one. This will separate the layout of the room into more than one space. 

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4. Light Colors are Key

Dark colors soak in the light. To give your area a more spacious look, use light colors on walls and even the floor. This will give more of an open feel to the entire area. 

Also, when possible, use small lamps scattered around the room instead of one bright light on the ceiling. More light at eye level spreads out the look of the room so it appears larger. 

5. Best Use of Shelves

Every living place needs shelving. In a tiny space, place the shelving up near the ceiling line. Not only will this provide more storage options, but it also keeps the walls with a clean line and higher shelves will draw the eye up. 

Floating shelves are also the best option for an open look to a room. Over the bed is a great spot for this type of shelf. 

6. Creative Storage Options

You will need to be creative with your storage options. One example is an ottoman with a flip top and room for things inside. Another great idea is to find a few vintage suitcases and stack them. This can serve as a tabletop with space to pack away things currently not in use. 

There are even beds available with space inside to hold things. Open style bookshelves have a dual purpose. In addition to storing and displaying your belongings, they can be strategically placed to divide a room. 

Plants are another great addition to a small space. They create a homier, more relaxing feel and also aid with purifying the air.  

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7. Accent Pieces

It is wrong to assume that a small room needs small accent pieces. In fact, Sabria Soto, a decorating export, shares her cantaloupe rule. She advises that all decorative items should actually be larger than a cantaloupe. Fewer pieces, but larger ones, make the living space appear bigger. 

This applies to wall decor as well. Go for larger, bold pieces to create a dynamic look that adds depth. 

8. Larger Furniture is Better

In keeping with the theme of bigger is better, having one big piece of furniture, as in an oversized couch, makes the room look less cluttered than having several small pieces scattered around. 

In addition, if you have a daybed, you can get two pieces of furniture for the price of one. At night, it is where you sleep, and during the day, by arranging a few throw pillows, it will serve as your couch. 

9. Correct Use of Curtains

If possible, remove the curtains from the windows to allow more light in. This provides for a more spacious feel. If you do need window coverings, blinds work better for the overall feeling of openness. 

You can, however, use curtains to divide a room into sections, giving the impression of living area. This can be used for privacy, or a way to hide unused stored items.  

For small bathrooms, a clear shower curtain gives an open feel to that space. 

10. Color Theme

The use of color is a great way to boost the look of an apartment. Organizing items by their size and color creates a more streamlined look. This also works for clothing or shoes in decorative storage containers or books on a shelf. 

If you have one color scheme, using different shades of the same color can make a small space appear more open. Have that color somewhere on the floor, on the wall, and on the furniture, even if it is just a pillow. 

Glass accent pieces or even glass furniture, like a table, reflect the light and creates an illusion of more space. Mirrors are a great way to create the look of a bigger room. The best place for a wall mirror is directly across from a window. 

11. Folding Furniture

With smaller living spaces becoming more popular, there are more options for folding furniture. You can get beds, desks, and even tables that can fold and be tucked away when not in use. These are great space saving items and create a more open area when not being used.

Remedy Your Cramped Room Now

If you have already made the choice to go smaller, there is no need to sacrifice style, taste, or comfort. You can still have a gorgeous living space with a studio apartment. Let’s make that cramped room a thing of the past!

For beautiful spaces in Long Beach’s exciting, energetic and thriving community, reach out and let us introduce you to your next home.