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5 Attractions You Must Visit in Long Beach


Long Beach is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and we think it is awfully underrated because of its proximity to Los Angeles. However, we might be able to help you find that there’s more to Southern California than LA through our guide to the attractions you must visit in Long Beach.

There are plenty of places to visit and activities in Long Beach, and we cannot list them all in a single post. However, we will tell you about all the essential places to visit in Long Beach to help you plan your trip so you can make the most of it.

5 Attractions You Must Visit in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach is known for its Mediterranean climate that has abundant views of open waters. Here’s our list of the five attractions you must visit in Long Beach, CA, that you should check off your list when you are in town.

1.     Aquarium of the Pacific

Built on over five acres of land, the Aquarium of the Pacific can help you experience marine life at its best in one place. The public place is one of the attractions you must visit in Long Beach for the amazing experience it can offer.

Located in Rainbow Harbor, the Aquarium of the Pacific is home to over 11,000 animals across 500 species that you can observe up close and personal. Visited by millions of tourists each year, this public aquarium is a dreamy and ethereal facility that focuses on marine life throughout the Pacific. With several animals like sea otters, sea anemones and octopuses, among much more, you cannot miss out on the experience it offers.

2.     The Queen Mary

If you are a bit of a history buff, you can get the chance for an immersive experience of the local history of Long Beach by visiting the Queen Mary. As one of the most attractive destinations in Long Beach, California, the Queen Mary was once a British ocean liner.

The RMS Queen Mary is moored in Long Beach and is open for a wide array of purposes, making it a must-visit place when you are in town. Tourists and local residents alike frequent the Queen Mary. You can take any one of the cabins in the vessel and stay there because it even functions as a working hotel. You can choose from a variety of rooms that suit your budget and preferences.

The entire ship has been properly preserved, and you can take a guided or unguided tour through this living relic of years gone by.

3.     Art Theater of Long Beach

The next attraction you must visit in Long Beach offers you a glimpse of the unique blend of art and culture in Long Beach. The Art Theater of Long Beach was once a hustling and bustling theater in the 1920s. This historic landmark has been renovated and repurposed for the entertainment of residents and tourists alike.

You can enjoy several activities at the Art Theater of Long Beach, including different types of foods and beverages, the most popular movies released in major theaters, and much more. You can even get a personalized experience by taking advantage of the independent film screenings that you can see only in the Art Theater of Long Beach.

4.     Cesar E. Chavez Park

Want to take a walk in Cesar E. Chavez Park? Enjoy the sweeping views of the area with open and wide spaces filled with sunshine and cool ocean breezes. This is an easy place for all kinds of recreational activities with a fantastic view.

Located just north of the Berkeley Marina, the park offers more than 90 acres of greenery and sunshine next to the shore, making it popular for both tourists and local residents. With several picnic facilities, playgrounds, and other amenities, this place will never fail to excite.

Other facilities at Cesar E. Chavez Park includes a weight room, public restrooms, a community center, and even a basketball court for those who love to shoot some hoops.

5.     Museum of Latin American Art

If you are visiting Long Beach, CA, you must take out time to appreciate some of the most culturally relevant pieces of Latin American Art at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. This is a world-class facility that houses a wide array of dynamically displayed exhibits comprising Latin-American artists. This is an exhilarating, educational, and tasteful experience that you cannot do without when you are in town.

This is also the only museum in the country specifically dedicated to today’s Latin American and Latino art scene. If you are looking for space where you can witness and experience the country’s Latin American artists’ creative contributions, this is the place to be.

Located right in the heart of downtown Long Beach, it is easy to find, highly affordable, and has a constantly changing series of exhibits that you can enjoy on your own or with your family.

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There is a great chance that you might fall in love with Long Beach. There is just so much to do here, and we doubt that you will get the time to visit all the attractions you must visit in Long Beach in one trip. If you are planning to move to Southern California, Long Beach is the place to go, and we can help you find your forever home in this beautiful area.

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