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The Long Beach Bucket List – 5 Things To Do When You’re In Long Beach


When you visit Southern California, we’re sure your mind drifts towards Los Angeles. It is definitely one of the best places to be when you are in SoCal. However, just to the south of downtown LA, Long Beach happens to be a California destination that can make your SoCal visit more than worth your while.

There are lots of things to do in Long Beach. The place offers several waterfront attractions, cultural festivals, bike-friendly roadways, and the best of the amazing Southern California weather. Planning a trip to Southern California isn’t complete without listing down activities in Long Beach that are a must-have for your bucket list.

By the time you are done exploring everything, you might find it difficult to leave the place. If you are planning to make your way here, we have a list of some of the best things to do in Long Beach so you can make the most of it.

1.    Go Whale Spotting on A Harbor Cruise

Get a better view of Long Beach by going on a harbor cruise. There are plenty of high-quality cruises taking tourists on educational and very scenic harbor cruises in the area that you definitely need to check out. From getting a different perspective of Long Beach, you also get to see the wonderful sea life in the waters.

The whales, dolphins, sea lions, marine birds, and harbor seals make a wonderful sight. There is no better way to begin a relaxing vacation here than going to the sea and immersing yourself in the local environment on a cruise.

2.    Board the Queen Mary

One of the things you will get a unique perspective on while you are on the harbor cruise is the Queen Mary. It is not just an attraction you can view from afar. You can actually go on board the historic vessel and explore it. The Queen Mary made her maiden transatlantic voyage all the way back in 1936. The beautiful ship captured the hearts of millions worldwide and finally docked on Long Beach in 1967 to mark its retirement from the seas.

The Queen Mary is not just some rundown ship decaying on Long Beach. It actually operates as a hotel that you can stay in. Visitors can also enjoy tours, exhibits aboard the vessel and dine in several restaurants on board. It’s definitely an experience worth having at least once in your life.

3.    The Aquarium of the Pacific

As the name suggests, the Aquarium of the Pacific lives up to what you can expect from it. The world-class aquarium is a perfect entry on the list of things to do in Long Beach. Ideal for people of all ages, this aquarium’s indoor and outdoor spaces exemplify the expansive beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

The cruises on the harbor might get you a unique look at the natural wildlife in the sea, but it might pale in comparison to what you can witness at the aquarium. This wonderful installation features more than 11,000 animals across 500 species that you can observe closely. There are so many activities within the aquarium itself.

Home to over 150 sharks, the Shark Lagoon is the safest way to see the apex predator of the waters up close. You can even get to see the most adorable penguins from the arctic regions right here in SoCal through the June Keyes Penguin Habitat.

Words cannot do justice to the truly immersive experience that the Aquarium of the Pacific holds. It is one of the best things to do in Long Beach. If you have time for just one attraction in the area, this is the one you should go for.

4.    Explore the Rich Culture

Long Beach is rich with culture and vibrance that you cannot find in most other places here. If you have been to Los Angeles and liked any live performances you saw there, you will fall in love with what’s in store for you here in Long Beach. The Long Beach Opera, Music Angelica, and Long Beach Symphony will leave you in awe. Several theater companies regularly perform across venues like the P3 Theater Company, International City Theater, and Long Beach Playhouse.

You can also explore the wonderful Shoreline Village. It is a dining, entertainment, and shopping destination in Long Beach that you cannot miss. Right along the beautiful harbor, the village is perfect for those romantic walks on the beach during sunset or even a peaceful bike ride down the coast. Find perfect souvenirs in the shops and dine on the freshest seafood in the restaurants here.

5.    Explore the Artworld

Long Beach has some of the most prolific exhibits from the art world to offer. With two highly distinguished museums, art lovers will find it hard to part ways with Long Beach. The Long Beach Museum of Art is located in the historic Anderson House, located on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

You can take in all the exhilarating views of the artwork located in this beautiful museum. Unwind with a remarkable waterfront view of the Pacific as you feast on lunch at Claire’s, a restaurant in the Anderson House. The Museum of Latin American Art is the only institution of its kind in the country. The expansive 15,000 square feet garden full of sculptures here will leave you with a kind of ethereal beauty that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

Moving to Sunny California?

All these places offer some of the best activities in Long Beach for both tourists on vacation and newcomers. If you are planning to make this place your permanent home, there are so many more things to do in Long Beach that you can spend an entire lifetime.

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