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5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Long Beach Apartment

Wallpaper Ideas for Studio Apartments

When it comes to apartment interiors, most people prefer dull whites and boring beiges to make the area look more spacious and roomy. However, that rule shouldn’t apply to every apartment owner, and certainly not to someone looking out for ideas to spruce up their Long Beach apartment.

Wallpapering might have been an odd entry into the world of paints, but now it is certainly very common and popular due to the expansive versatility it offers. There seems to be an endless selection of colors and designs to choose from that may express your individuality and give a personality to your home. Not to worry if you aren’t sure which ones to go for while decorating your Long Beach apartment, as we have just the right tips in place for you.

1. Monochrome Spaces

No need to be afraid of monochrome and how bold it will look in a smaller living space. You need to be just as unabashed about it if it is something that really speaks for your personality. In fact, monochromes are a great way to pick one favorite color and experiment with its many different shades while enjoying patterns, solids, lighting effects, or adding various pops of colors through furniture and fixtures. The stigma that monochromes may make your apartment look even smaller is long gone. You just need to make the right choices for the right walls in the space and let your creativity flow.

2. Negative Patterns

Some apartments really do seem more closed-in and tiny compared to others, and decorating their interiors can be challenging if you are keen on having patterns instead of solid walls. But not to worry, as you can enjoy the best of both worlds with negative space patterned wallpapers. Such wallpapers have a base of a lighter color like white, ivory, or beige and scattered patterns of different colors for the right aesthetic. Not only do these wallpapers fill in the walls with amazing patterns, but they keep them seemingly spacious with the light base color.

3. Wild Hallways

Usually, studio apartment hallways are cramped, small, and don’t allow a lot of side-view. Instead, a hallway or corridor might lead straight up to an entry wall big enough to cover the length of the entire hallway. Therefore, the idea is to keep the hallways plain, matching with a solid base color and wild and attention-grabbing entry wall. Bold colors and pattern combinations make for the best hallways and add a spark right as you enter the apartment. Contrary to popular belief, bold colors right at the entryway won’t douse your hallway but definitely spruce up the entrance.

4. Gigantic Murals

One of the best ways to not cover your entire wall with patterned or textured wallpaper and not leave it plain is to use murals. You can use a partial wallpaper mural and put it up yourself, or if you are feeling artsy, use wall decals and fill in the color; the choice is yours. All you have to do is to make sure that the mural is seemingly gigantic for the wall to cover a big blank space, probably in the middle. Murals sit extremely well in bedrooms, on walls in front of which the bed is placed. They add the right color, dimension, and focus to the furniture rather than remove it. You can choose retro flowers, quotes, or even your favorite pop star to cover your bedroom wall.

5. Blurred Ceilings

The blurred-out effect for ceiling has recently gotten quite trendy for apartment interiors. The effect of the blurred-out ceiling is due to using a darker color compared to all the other shades used in the room. This allows the ceiling to look endless and infinite, which works wonders to make the room look longer and bigger. You don’t necessarily need to use black or dull colors and can even go for maroons, emerald green, and royal blue for a personalized change. You can even use self-textured patterns for the added detail and intricacy.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these wallpaper tips help you select and decorate your Long Beach apartment in a trendy and exclusive manner. Grand Terrace Apartment offers studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments accordingly for couples and families to make a nice and cozy yet luxurious beach home in Long Beach, California.

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