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6 Interior Design Long Beach Apartment Trends In 2021

Interior Designing Trends 2021

A general rule of perception is that whether your living space is big or small, it should always be a reflection of your personality. If you own a luxury studio apartment in Long Beach, California, you would want it to showcase your interests, lifestyle, and personality while looking like a perfect beach studio apartment.

That’s why we have compiled below a list of top interior design trends for your Long Beach studio apartment that have been doing rounds all throughout 2021 and are definitely here to stay. Check them out.

Open Space Designs

Studio apartments are usually compact and functional for not more than two people. Therefore, creating space within your apartment becomes a top priority to maintain the functionality and practicality of daily living.

Open space designs have become a popular trend since last year, even for bigger homes. Use the trend in your Long Beach studio apartment, where it actually fulfills its purpose and makes your apartment look clean and spacious.

Incorporating Nature Indoors

An ongoing trend for the last two to three years, potted plants have made a comeback after having gone away for long, and now people are incorporating cute green elements in their houses for bringing nature indoors.

You can buy big potted plants to fill your corners in the studio apartment or tiny ones to add to your desktops, workstations, or shelves. You can even choose from a wide range of low-maintenance real plants or just go for complete fake ones for no added responsibility.

Divide With Partitions

Creating personal space in a studio apartment can be challenging, given how there is hardly any other room besides the master bed. Understandably, some people don’t like their kitchens to be out there in your visitors’ or guests’ faces.

The best and the trendiest way to address this issue is through partitions. You can choose from a wide array of colors and designs according to your preference and divide the different spaces in your studio apartment.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Gone are the days where you would have separate beds, sofas, couches, workstations, and other furniture for different types of needs. Today, design elements have changed for the better, and we are currently in the age of multi-purpose furniture.

You can buy the best trending furniture that serves multiple purposes, from relaxing to working and even dining and sleeping. This is not only a cost-saving and space-saving method, but also gives a great dimension to your studio apartment as you can have multi-purpose furniture in a similar color scheme.

Rich Jewel and Dark Tones

It is important to consider the colors you pick to paint your studio apartment with as they make all the difference in giving the desired effect to the place. While certain colors can make the walls fall back, some colors give the effect of the walls closing in.

Therefore, the on-trend idea is to paint every alternate wall a rich, jewel color like emerald green or sapphire blue to both, make your walls look fabulous and combat the claustrophobic feeling of closing in on you. You can even utilize dark colors for the ceilings; this will give a blurred-out effect and not have the ceiling looking too far off like those usually seen at studio apartments.

Art Elements

Lastly, the right pop of color is extremely important to tie the whole place together, and what is better than adding colorful art elements? You can use real-time photography prints and frame them to hang them on the main wall or place them on your shelves.

Or you can choose between abstract art designs, bohemian cushion covers, and traditional carpets to place as centerpieces in the living room area for the bright pop of color through an added art element.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you like our list of the trendiest 2021 interior design ideas for your studio apartment in Long Beach, California. Use these tips to decorate your apartment and reflect your personality in the best way possible.

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