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7 Fun Things to Do in Long Beach

long beach

When most people think of the greater Los Angeles area their minds skip straight to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the downtown area. However, one up-and-coming area that is worth checking out is Long Beach. 

Long Beach offers all kinds of amazing activities, dining opportunities, and shopping experiences. It’s a vibrant place to call home, offering all sorts of fun things to do and unique people to meet. Plus, there are plenty of pet-friendly places to live in Long Beach, making it a great spot for anyone who is obsessed with their fur-babies. 

If you’re considering moving to the area and renting studio apartments in Long Beach, you should know what’s hot in the area. Let’s take a look at seven fun things to do in Long Beach that will have you ready to sign a lease and call this place home!

Shop Til You Drop at the Pike Outlets

If you’re a shopaholic you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of opportunities for shopping in Long Beach. One place where you can score some great deals and hit up your favorite stores is the Pike Outlets. 

The Pike Outlets is located right on the waterfront, meaning you can catch some gorgeous views as you peruse perfumeries, shoe shops, sports stores, and more. Plus, there are plenty of nearby restaurants for you to visit when you’re ready to take a break from shopping and grab some grub!

Soak Up the Sun at One of the Area’s Beaches

There are so many gorgeous beaches in Long Beach that it would be a shame not to visit at least one. Pick from beaches designed for pets, families, or more intimate moments with a partner. 

A few of our favorite beaches in the area include: 

  • Alamitos Bay Beach
  • Junipero Beach
  • Peninsula Beach
  • Rosie’s Dog Beach
  • Belmont Shore Beach
  • Mother’s Beach
  • Marine Stadium Beach
  • Long Beach City Beach

Each beach gets you a different view of the ocean and allows you to enjoy soaking up the sun. No matter which you pick, you won’t be disappointed in a day spent by the waves!

Visit the Long Beach Historical Society

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Long Beach, a trip to the Historical Society is in order. This museum is jam-packed with information on how the city was founded and why it’s become such an industrial hub today. 

Not only can you enjoy perusing the exhibits at the museum, but you can also participate in one of the many events hosted by the historical society. Get ready to get spooky at their annual cemetery tour or fuel your inner feminist with one of their workshops on Women’s roles in building this unique city.

Book a Stay Aboard the RMS Queen Mary

If you’re wanting to try a staycation in Long Beach, there’s nothing like a stay aboard the RMS Queen Mary. This floating hotel and entertainment center is a historic troopship that’s been converted into a modern-day hotel. 

Step back in time and stay in one of the luxurious cabins on board the boat. Then, treat yourself to one of the many nighttime entertainment options such as decadent dinners, late-night dancing, and theatrical performances.

Float Down the Naples Canals

If you’ve always dreamed of going to Venice, you can find the next best thing at the Naples Canals in Long Beach! These man-made canals offer gondola rides that take you through pristine waters and offer stunning views of the ocean. 

The experience is one-of-a-kind and is a unique way to explore this city. Plus, with options to add on sparkling wine and cheese platters, the Naples Canals are one of the best date ideas in Long Beach, CA for anyone wanting a romantic evening out.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping at Knott’s Berry Farm

For those of you who love a little adventure, you won’t’ want to miss paying a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm. This family-friendly amusement park has all kinds of roller coasters and thrill rides for you to experience. 

First built back in 1920, this theme park boasts the slogan “America’s First Theme Park.” While the jury’s out on whether or not that’s true, you’ll certainly be able to experience some rickety wooden roller coasters and historic snacks while hanging out at this park. 

Live the Good Life in Studio Apartments in Long Beach

If this fun list of seven things to do in the area doesn’t have you ready to rent studio apartments in Long Beach, we don’t know what will. Long Beach is a vibrant city and is the perfect place for you to explore, work, and unwind in. 

Are you ready to check out apartment floorplans in Long Beach and find your next home? Grand Terrace Apartment Homes offers the best apartments near the beach in Long Beach and gives you access to this amazing city. Give us a call today and get ready to call one of the best places to live in Long Beach your home.