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7 Great Benefits Of Living In Long Beach Apartments

7 Great Benefits Of Living In Long Beach Apartments

Long Beach is famous for its association with the glamor of L.A. but this city is a thriving destination of its own.
Unlike L.A. the pace is a little slower in Long Beach. It still has a friendly suburban feel, despite being one of the busiest ports in North America.
Long Beach has a lot going for it in terms of attractions, great weather, and an awesome vibe.
That’s all part of why Long Beach apartments are the best place to be all year round, but there’s more.

1. It’s Like a Full-Time Vacation

The best apartments in Long Beach, CA are close to the beach yet far enough from the vacationing crowds to enjoy a little peace and quiet.
Just a short drive takes you to the heart of the seaside action. Kayaking, stand-up paddling, kite surfing, boating, scuba diving, and more are within easy reach.
The calm waters of Long Beach mean children can paddle in the shallows without fear of big rough waves.
When you live just minutes from the water’s edge, you can start every day with a glowing seaside sunrise or take a stroll along the beach after work.

2. Lock-Up-and-Go Convenience

Apart from thrilling seaside activities, Long Beach has a full portfolio of activities for every member of the family to enjoy.
Living in a secure apartment complex means you have no worries when you head out for the day.
If you decide to take a weekend break, you know that the onsite security guards and controlled access systems have got your back.
Regular foot patrols and restricted access means burglary is barely a threat.
Likewise, if you decide to lap up the almost never-ending Long Beach sunshine on your balcony, you’re assured of privacy and seclusion from the outside world.

3. Non-Stop Action

When you live in Long Beach, you have access to awesome events and festivals all year round. Some of these include:

  • The Grand Prix of Long Beach
  • Long Beach Pride
  • The Catalina Ski Race
  • The JetBlue Marathon
  • The Long Beach Sea Festival

While others have to book months in advance to enjoy these top occasions, all you need to do is pencil the date in your diary.
You’ll also find a wealth of music and art events happening year round in Long Beach.

4. Conveniences on Your Doorstep

The best apartments in Long Beach come with a long list of conveniences.
There’s storage for sports goods and other large items provided onsite.
When you’re not pedaling around town, you can keep your bike in the lock-up gated bicycle area.
A 24-hour laundromat means you can do your laundry when you get a spare moment. No more dragging it all over town in search of a laundry facility.
Maintaining your apartment is a thing of the past. You also don’t have to worry about unexpected maintenance bills. An onsite maintenance team takes care of all that.
They’ll also see to it that the lawns are always neatly mowed, the pool is clean and your environment always looks well kept.
A heated pool and plush day spa are other sought-after amenities in the best Long Beach apartment complexes.
While searching for the perfect Long Beach residence for you, onsite amenities should be near the top of your wishlist.

5. Community Feel

Long Beach apartment complexes help create a sense of neighborliness within their gated confines.
Lack of concerns about security, maintenance, and other hassles means people are less stressed and more approachable.
You’ll soon make friends around the swimming pool, while doing your daily rounds, or at community get-togethers. Most gated communities host regular events and outings for their community members.
Children can play in safety without fear of ‘stranger danger’ or excessive traffic.
Speed limits are strictly enforced in gated communities and traffic accidents are extremely rare. Many residents choose to get around on foot, by bike, or in a golf cart.

6. Less Traffic to Contend With

When your apartment is a little off the beaten beach track, you’ll have less traffic to deal with.
Most apartments have easy access to major highways like the 405, 22, 605, 710, and 110. This means you can get where you need to go quickly and efficiently.
There’s very little passing traffic in a gated community. Restrictions on the number of vehicles allowed per apartment take care of that.
You’ll never have to spend hours driving around looking for a safe place to park your car either.
Less traffic means less pollution, so you can count on a breath of fresh air when you step outside.

7. A Stylish Lifestyle

Apartment interiors in Long Beach boasts a simple, modern design that appeals to most tastes. Open-plan interiors mean you’ll never feel crowded, even in one of the smaller apartments.
The appliances are modern and functional. These usually include an energy-efficient gas range, a large refrigerator, a dishwasher, and a microwave.
Hardwood-style floors and plenty of closet space complete the picture.
Restricted access and strict rules mean you don’t need to contend with rowdy parties. You won’t find any unsavory characters lurking around either.
Door-to-door salesmen can’t enter a gated community. The worst solicitation you’ll get to deal with is the neighbor’s children selling girl scout cookies or trick-or-treaters on their rounds.
When you choose community living, you’re immersing yourself in an orderly, organized environment.

More about Long Beach Apartments

Are you ready to make the switch to laid-back Long Beach living?
Thanks to their many benefits, apartments in Long Beach have a high resale value. So for those wanting to experience the joys of the effortless and exclusive lifestyle of Long Beach, renting is a popular option.
Get in touch to schedule a tour of our top-rated Long Beach apartments, we’d love to show you around.