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7 Tips to Make a Cramped Apartment in Long Beach Feel Homey

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Buying a permanent home for the entire family used to be such a significant part of the American Dream. However, buying a home is becoming a dying habit in this economy and the rising costs of homeownership. Many younger adults are considering renting apartments or studio apartments.

The affordability of renting studio departments makes it easier on the pockets for young and single adults. The low rent and utility expenses make life more convenient. However, many people are hesitant to rent studio apartments because they worry about the cramped space making it feel less like home and more like a den.

Of course, that is nothing more than a misunderstanding. Your apartment does not need to be cramped or cluttered. All you need to know is how to organize it properly. Fortunately, we are here to help. In this guide, we will give you some tips that can help you make your apartment in Long Beach, CA, feel more like home.

7 Tips to Make Your Apartment in Long Beach Feel More Like Home

Here are a few tips that you can use to tweak your apartment’s interior decor so you can have space for all your things without making it all feel so cramped.

1. Add a personal touch to the walls

The first thing you should do is focus on the walls. Most rental apartments in Long Beach have bare and neutral walls. While the bare walls might not physically affect the space, they can have an impact on your perception of the space. Covering the wall with some personal touches can make the entire apartment feel more relaxing and welcoming.

Perhaps a few pieces of light artwork or tapestries to adorn the walls could help you get started. You can even consider using removable wallpaper to revamp the entire look of the apartment. You can put it up without creating a mess and take it down smoothly when you are moving out.

2. Invest in good furniture

One way to make the most of a small apartment rental in Long Beach is to adopt the “less is more” philosophy with your furniture. There is no space to cram a lot of things in there. However, making your apartment feel more homey does not mean you have to rely on quantity. The right quality furniture that is efficient, beautiful, and multipurpose can do the trick.

Consider adding a pull-out couch, a bed with a storage headboard, room dividers for a little more privacy.

3. Add shelves to create divisions

Speaking of room dividers, you can consider investing in open shelving units. They can offer you the added benefit of a bookshelf while creating the illusion that the apartment is bigger than it seems. Using open shelving units can create separate spaces within the studio apartment while adding more storage space.

4. Don’t leave the corners untended

There might be times when you feel that everything seems to be in its right place, but something feels lacking. Always check your corners when you feel like that with your rental apartment decor. Too many open edges can make a space feel harsh.

Adding corner shelves, artwork, or even a standing lamp can be a simple but elegant way to make the space feel more warm and welcoming.

5. Play with the lighting

Another excellent but underrated tip to make a cramped apartment in Long Beach feel more homey is to use the lighting. Intelligent lighting can make a world of difference in how an apartment looks and feels.

Consider bright lights for the kitchen, but the same things will not work for the rest of the apartment. Mood lighting is more suitable because it is warmer and easier on the eyes. Try looking for bulbs with softer and yellow lights for your apartment and stick to white lights for the kitchen.

6. Add some plants

One of the best things you can do to make your apartment feel more like home is to add a few small plants. Remember that there is limited space, so the air circulation might not be as good as it can be in a bigger home. Adding plants to the space can make it feel friendlier while improving the air quality in your new home.

Depending on how many plants you bring in, you can be quite creative with your placement. Choose plants that can provide benefits and are easier to maintain instead of those that could grow out of control. Succulents on the walls or macrame hangers can be convenient additions to the apartment. Small pots on the kitchen counter or shelves could be excellent as well.

7. Make the most of any hidden storage

The last thing you want is a cluttered space when you are already living in a small apartment rental in Long Beach, CA. A disorganized space can make it challenging for you to feel relaxed. When you invest in high-quality furniture for your small apartment rental, you should consider adding as much hidden storage as possible.

Use all the empty and flat spaces under counter shelves and dual-purpose furniture. Even a headboard for your bed with storage space can help you easily declutter the apartment to make it feel homier.

Are You Moving to Long Beach?

If you are looking for ways to make a small apartment in Long Beach homier because you are searching for an apartment home in sunny California, we can help you out.

Long Beach has so much to offer to residents and tourists around the year. Getting a nice apartment so you can try out these tips to make your apartment feel more like home has never been easier. Grand Terrace Apartment Homes in Long Beach offers you the chance to live in luxury so you can enjoy the wonders of Long Beach for as long as you want by calling it home.

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