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8 Best Beaches in Long Beach

Long Beach

Best Beaches in Long Beach, Ca

While the name suggests that it is just one beach in California, the city of Long Beach has multiple beautiful beaches ready to be explored by nature enthusiasts. With a wide variety of tourist spots, ranging from a dog beach to water sports and a nature conservatory near the beach, the city is an ideal destination for anyone looking for their next family vacation spot. So if you are also looking for a summer getaway spot to enjoy the high seas and the cool breeze, look no further than this list of best beaches near Long Beach California that we have compiled to help you get on your summer groove (and a tan that will put every tanning salon in your city to shame).

1. Alamitos Bay Beach

Our favorite beach amongst the different beautiful locations at Long Beach, Alamitos Bay Beach, offers a spectacular view of the sands and the sun. The go-to place for anyone who wants to enjoy the shores of southern California, visitors are often seen enjoying a quiet bike ride along the waters. Likewise, the beach is also a hub for sports-loving tourists who love playing a game at the volleyball courts, built in the sands. Besides sports and a scenic view of the sunset, the beach also holds an annual tree lighting ceremony. During this time, the beach tends to become crowded but witnessing the myriad of colors and lights is worth it.

2. Peninsula Beach

With an authentic Long Beach sea experience to offer, the peninsula beach is located facing the sea. With the high waves splashing and the cool breeze uplifting even the grumpiest moods on a hot summer day, the place is perfect for recreational activities. For people who enjoy solo travel or look forward to the solitude that a quiet, relaxing time a beach can offer at night time, this is your place!

3. Rosie’s Dog Beach

Being the only leash-free dog beach in Long Beach, this beach offers a unique and thrilling experience for dog lovers. So they often come here in groups to enjoy a run with their beloved canines besides the coastline. However, there are rules. Like the bike path, which is off-limits for dogs and the ideal spot for you to stroll while basking in the beach sunlight as you let your worries escape with the wind.

4. Mothers Beach

Understanding the concerns and stress of a mother on vacation, this beach is made to be the safest beach for kids. Being well protected against high waves, this is an ideal trip destination for the entire family. The beach also has a playground nearby for young kids to have a fun time after having enjoyed a good picnic by the waters.

5. Belmont Shore Beach

Being the prettiest beach in Long Beach, Belmont Shore beach is a popular spot for romantics and people who have a passion for photography, so you are very much likely to encounter a proposal or a wedding photoshoot on a normal day. Besides the scenic sightseeing view that the beach offers, there is also a wide array of dedicated amenities, including swimming and biking. In addition, it is located near Rosie’s dog beach, so if the waters or the public swimming pool aren’t enticing enough, you can always walk over and make some new fluffy friends.

6. Marine Stadium Beach

For water boarders and boat lovers, there is no better place than this beach. Combining nature’s art with fun recreational activities (including water skiing), you will never get bored of this place. And if you are a history geek, you will have a field day exploring all the boats from the 1932 Olympic rowing competition. They are parked here since the competition was held at this pristine beach.

7. Long Beach City Beach

Descanso Beach is a private area near Long Beach. Although it is slightly more up-market, it has an entry fee of $2, but that appears nominal when one looks at the perks it has to offer. Including many sports activities like snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking, the beach is a favorite amongst adventure enthusiasts. And if you are looking to extend your visit, the beach club also offers fine dining and a bar to help you relax in the evenings after a long day full of fun.

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