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5 Best Bike Trails in Beautiful Long Beach, California

Bike trails

Bike Trails in Long beach, Ca

Imagine cool breezes, sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, beautiful boats, and in the middle of it all, you are on your bike, riding away at a relaxed pace, content and happy, almost like all the worries of the world have been lifted off your shoulders. If you are a nature lover or a bike enthusiast, you must already be feeling that ting of excitement and curiosity building inside you. Because this sounds too dreamy to be true, right? What if I told you this wasn’t just an imaginary scenario but the description of one of the most beautiful bike trails in Long Beach, California?

Long Beach is home to some of California’s most spectacular biking trails and this isn’t just wishful thinking that you could be out there on two wheels right now enjoying fresh air with nary an exhaust cloud in sight- it’s actually possible for any intrepid cyclist who wants it enough. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best bike trails that Long Beach has to offer. There are a lot for you to choose from here in town and our list will get you started!

Shoreline Pedestrian Bike trail

If you’re looking for a fresh way to experience Long Beach, then take the Shoreline Pedestrian bike path. The largely unpaved trail offers three lanes– one on either side and one in the middle that can be used by pedestrians as well. It’s popular amongst people of all ages thanks to the availability of skates, bikes, beach chairs and umbrellas along this scenic route that stretches from Alamitos Avenue on the west end up until 54th Place at its east end! It was completed in 1988 and is the longest stretch of paved bikeway found outside a major metropolitan area.

Coyote Creek Bicycle trail

Separating Los Angeles county and Orange county, this bikeway is generally devoid of scenery. However, the northern section of this approximately 9.5 miles pathway runs through an industrial landscape, where riding the bike at night can be breathtaking. From the starting point at Coyote Creek, this class I bike path quickly shifts to a recreational experience. It follows alongside the flood channel for most of its length until it reaches Willow Street and changes into an urban ride through residential areas before ending with one final scenic stretch on your way southward. This trail is wheelchair accessible so families can enjoy the track together, including people with disabilities. The trail offers a variety of activities in which teens and children will love to participate. Since they can enjoy the experience with their peers, it’s clear why this is such an attractive attraction for them.

Huntington Beach Bike Trail

In order to fulfill the needs of those looking for a more energetic ride, this 8-miles long popular trail spans the length of Huntington Beach. It is almost always busy with the hustle and bustle of cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, runners, and families with children. Don’t worry though; there are plenty of restrooms and a good enough parking space available, so that is never a problem. The Huntington Bike Trail is a SoCal classic, and the perfect place for those who love to ride their bikes. The trail provides an extremely vibrant environment that won’t cease until it reaches its endpoints located at Warner Avenue and North Pacific Avenue.

Aliso Creek Riding & Hiking Trail

Passing through many parks, well-maintained rest areas and information kiosks might not sound like the most thrilling activity. But in this region of California’s coast, it provides a unique opportunity to experience history first hand as you bike across 18 miles from Laguna Niguel all the way up Portola hillside towards Cowles Mountain Park for an even sharper view of what life here was once like . If you start from the south end of the path by the ocean, the path gradually increases in altitude, giving you a good muscle workout before you can enjoy an easy-breezy downhill ride on your way back. The trail has a mixture of texture, with the path turning to sand for a quarter mile after the Laguna Hills drive. With plenty of water and restrooms available for ease, families can often be seen enjoying their time on this trail.

San Gabriel River Bike Trail

Extending from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, this trail is 38 miles long and can easily be reached from 1st Street just next to the ocean. This bike trail is an important asset to the Los Angeles transit system because it connects to the Rio Hondo River Trail, Bellflower Bike Trail, and Coyote Creek Bikeway as well. Due to the distance of this trail, its length moves along a diverse range of landscapes. This bike trail is perfect for riders who are amateur or want to go for an easy ride. There are drinking fountains and restrooms available for the convenience of tourists alongside the trail, with parking available at the trailheads.

With all these trails providing a source of healthy activities and quality family ties, it is to no surprise that Long Beach has become a popular vacation spot. Not just this, the city also offers multiple holiday rental options ranging from one-bedroom to two-bedroom studio apartments to accommodate everybody’s pocket and demand. If you are also looking to break the monotony of your daily life and visit the city’s scenic bike trails, contact us at Grand Terrace Apartments and let us find you the perfect rental for you and your family.