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Spacious Studios: 9 Space-Saving Tips for Studio Apartments in Long Beach CA


These days, more people are opting out of purchasing homes. Instead, they are choosing to rent at a higher rate than at any other point in the last 50 years.

If you’re a young, single adult and are considering renting an apartment, you may want to consider renting a studio. Studios are much more affordable than other apartments and are perfect for people who want to keep their rent and utility costs low.

Some people are hesitant to rent a studio because they’re worried about a lack of space. Your studio apartment doesn’t have to be cramped or cluttered, though, especially if you know how to organize it.

Here are nine tips that will help you save space while living in studio apartments in Long Beach CA.

What is a Studio Apartment?
A studio apartment is essentially a one-room apartment without any barrier walls. You’ll do your sleeping, eating, and living all in the same space. You will have a separate room (with a door, of course) for the bathroom.

Benefits of Renting a Studio Apartment
There are lots of perks to renting a studio apartment, including the following:
Save money on rent and utilities while still living alone in a nice area
Less maintenance
Embrace a minimalist lifestyle and cut down on your stress
You also get to spend less money on furniture when you rent a studio apartment.
And, you’re less likely to fall into the trap of over-buying furniture, decorations, and other household items. A studio apartment forces you to live small, which can be great for your bank account.

How to Save Space in a Studio Apartment
Okay, you’re convinced that a studio apartment might be a good option for you. How do you maximize your space while living in one, though?

1. Keep it Clutter-Free
One of the most important things to do if you’re trying to save space in a studio apartment is to get rid of as much clutter as you can. Before you move, do a major purge of your belongings and donate or sell anything you don’t need.
Once you’ve pared down your items and simplified things, you’ll need to invest in some organizational tools (storage cubes, ottomans, etc.) that will help you keep everything neatly put away and out of site.

2. Give Everything a Specific Place
Speaking of putting things away, make sure all of your belongings have a specific place within your apartment.
When you first move in, decide which part of the apartment will serve as your sleeping area, which part will be the living area, which part will be the office, etc.
Designate specific parts of the apartment for specific tasks so that it’s easier for you to stay organized.

3. Avoid Over-Decorating
Too many decorations can make a studio apartment look cramped and cluttered. Focus on minimalist decor — a few potted plants, a nice painting or two, etc. — to keep things simple, modern, and elegant.

4. Pick a Couple of Statement Pieces
Minimalist decor is generally the best approach when designing your studio apartment.
Remember, minimalist decor doesn’t have to be boring, though. You can still add your own spin on the space, you’ll just need to be strategic about how you do it.
For most people, this means keeping the bulk of the decor simple and then adding a couple of statement pieces.
Statement pieces could be brightly colored pillows or throw blankets or a great, eye-catching painting.

5. Invest in Open Furniture
Big, bulky pieces of furniture will take up a lot of room in your apartment. When you live in a studio apartment, every inch of space is precious.
To keep things as open as possible, invest in open furniture — such as backless bookshelves or a tall nightstand with narrow legs — that will allow for more light and white space to shine through.

6. Utilize Mirrors
Mirrors are a great tool to help you make your space look both wider and taller.
Invest in a couple of full-length mirrors and hang them around your apartment to open things up — you’ll be amazed at how much bigger it looks when you’re done!

7. Purchase a Murphy Bed
A Murphy bed is a bed that folds up into the wall, bookshelf, or closet.
If you want your apartment to feel more open during the day or don’t want people seeing your bed when they come over, this is a great option to consider.
Murphy beds aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re a great investment if you’re dedicated to maximizing your space.

8. Buy Storage Furniture
Storage furniture is your saving grace when you’re living in a small space. Some good examples of storage furniture include:
Beds that have drawers underneath them
Ottomans with lids for storing blankets and other items
Tiered coffee tables that can store books, games, or movies
Storage benches with seats that lift up are another great option to consider.

9. Push Furniture Against the Wall
Another great way to maximize your space while living in a studio apartment is to push your furniture against the walls. This leaves your floor space wide open and will help your whole apartment to feel more spacious and open.
This is an especially good option if you have a Murphy bed that you’re going to fold up into the wall. You’ll be amazed at how much space you have in your apartment when you do this — you’ll be able to do cartwheels when everything is put away!

Shop for Studio Apartments in Long Beach CA Today
Studio apartments might be cozy, but they definitely don’t have to be cramped. Now that you know how to save space while living in studio apartments in Long Beach CA, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect apartment!

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