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Decorating Ideas for a One-Bedroom Apartment in Long Beach

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Living in a one-bedroom apartment has its pros and its cons. Sure, the space inside it is more limited than that of a larger apartment, but we’d like to focus on all of the pros of living in a one-bedroom apartment in Long Beach. For starters, if it’s only you or you and your spouse, how much more room could you really need?

A one-bedroom apartment is ideal for a single individual or even for a couple. There’s a lot less space to worry about managing and your energy bills are lower as well. However, don’t let your small apartment fool you when it comes to decorating.

You have many options for decoration ideas for small apartments! Having an apartment in Long Beach gives you even more ideas because you’re situated in such a beautiful environment. Just because you have a one-bedroom apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up hope on creating a space that matches your dreams.
Continue reading below for several decorating ideas for a one-bedroom apartment in Long Beach!

1. Start with the Paint

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t paint a few walls here and there. You most likely won’t want to do anything crazy as you’ll need to undo it before moving out, but there are a few things you can do. Bring out the seaside vibes in your apartment by painting an accent wall a light aqua or a blue color.

You can then leave the other walls white to bring attention to the accent wall. If the walls in your apartment aren’t a white color, you can consider painting them. Both of these colors are easy to place primer on and paint over to match the original color.

A light tan or sand color is another great option for your walls. You can use this color on your other walls in your other rooms. Choosing a light, bright color will help the area feel bigger.

2. The Furniture

When purchasing new furniture for your Long Beach apartment, consider using furniture with off-white colors. You can also place off-white covers on your pre-existing furniture pieces to transform them into the perfect beach items. Any dark wood furniture pieces can be sanded down and painted a white or light wood color.

Wicker furniture is another awesome choice for an apartment on the beach. This type of furniture blends naturally with all of the beach surroundings. To ensure that you still keep a pop of color here and there, use colorful throw pillows or throw blankets.

Matching an off-white chair or couch with light aqua blue pillows is one great way to turn your apartment into the beach retreat you’ve been wanting.

3. The Accents

Now it’s time to select a few beach accents for your apartment. The beach theme is such a popular one, there are many beach accents to choose from. For example, you can choose from different netting options to hang on the wall, beautiful seashell decor and some pretty palms or dune grass.

Inside the netting, you can place seashells, starfish, and other beach life items. You can grab a few palm tree fronds and place them in a large vase on the floor in the corner of a room. You can also place your favorite pictures in beach-themed picture frames.

Your choices are endless, and because you’re located on the beach, a lot of the decor items can be found right in your backyard. Don’t hesitate to grab some sand and place it in a box frame on the top of a side table to bring the beach indoors.

4. Large Art Pieces

When looking for art pieces to hang, consider going with larger pieces. Several small art decors hung on your wall might begin to look a bit cluttered. Because your apartment is a small one-bedroom, you’ll want to choose larger art pieces and only hang one per room.

Find yourself a favorite beach-themed picture and hang it directly above your couch. You can also take your own photos of the beach or beach life and then have them printed on large canvases for hanging in your home.

5. Vertical Storage

Living in a one-bedroom means taking advantage of the little bit of space that you do have. One way of doing this is to use vertical storage options. This is going to save you walking space.

Purchase cabinets or cubbies that stack on top of one another. You can then place them in the corner out of the way. You should also consider hanging storage options on the back of your closet doors for holding shoes and flip flops.

6. Natural Light

At the very least, always be sure to let in the natural light. You live in Long Beach where the sun shines more so than not. Take advantage of this by keeping window curtains more sheer and light. If you like more privacy in the evenings, you can always use double curtain rods which allows a heavier curtain along with the more sheer style to be used during the daylight hours.

You don’t want to obstruct the view out of your windows as this is where your natural light will come through. Allowing for natural light to seep into your apartment is one of the best ways to make it look bigger than it is and to give it a beach-vibe feel.

Are You Redecorating an Apartment in Long Beach?

Do you plan to redecorate your apartment in Long Beach soon? If so, keep this guide handy. Use these simple tips above to give your one-bedroom apartment the beach theme that you’ve been desiring!

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