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How to Achieve Large Apartment Living in Long Beach

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Apartment living can often feel a little cramped. You don’t get the floor space that you would with a house, even if you might benefit from other things, like useful amenities in your apartment building. However, living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean a lack of space. You can still find apartments with plenty of space, especially if you’re looking for somewhere with larger bedrooms. If you’re looking for an apartment in Long Beach, it is possible to find larger apartments that meet your need for more space. Finding the right apartment for you doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to look for.

Finding an Apartment

When you’re ready to look for an apartment in Long Beach, checking out what you can find online will probably be your first step. Rental listings sites will help you to get a picture of what’s out there and how much floor space you can expect to get from a typical Long Beach apartment. If you want to explore some of your options in-depth, looking at the website for a community or development can give you the bigger picture of just what sort of home could soon be yours.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Considering how much space you need for your apartment is an important step. It can be difficult to really know how big an apartment is when you’re browsing available units. While there might be some numbers and perhaps even some photos, picturing exactly what a 10’x10′ room looks like when you’re standing in it doesn’t always come naturally. Touring a few apartments can help you to get a better idea of how much space you need. As well as thinking about the size of the rooms, you need to think about how many rooms you’re looking for.

Affordability of Larger Apartments in Long Beach

Long Beach is generally an affordable place to live, and it’s easier than you might think to stretch your budget to a larger apartment. Naturally, you will find that apartments with more space and more bedrooms will cost more per month than the smaller apartments that are available. You can expect to find smaller one-bedroom apartments and studios from around $1500 per month and larger apartments from around $1700 or $1800. When you’re budgeting for your apartment, remember to consider the deposit and the application fees, as well as any other moving costs that you might have.

Look at Floor Plans

To find out more about whether an apartment provides enough space for you, check out the floor plans that are offered in available listings. A floor plan tells you not just about the size of an apartment, but also the layout. Take a look at our floor plans to see some examples of what the layout of your apartment could look like. The floor plan will tell you a lot about whether the apartment is the right size and configuration for you before you choose to see it in person.

Explore Bedroom Options

If you want to enjoy a larger apartment, you should consider how many bedrooms you want and need. More bedrooms could mean a larger apartment, or it could sometimes mean simply having smaller rooms. However, most of the time, more bedrooms means that you’re going to have more living space, and the bedrooms are often the same size or larger than apartments with only one bedroom. Whether you’re planning to share your apartment or you just want to have some extra space for a home office, home gym or a guest bedroom, we have two bedroom and two bath apartments that offer more space.

Pet Policies for Room for All

Many people want a larger apartment because they want space for their pets. If you want to make sure there’s a home for your four-legged friends, make sure you check the apartment building’s pet policy. Many apartment buildings will allow cats or dogs and even have useful outdoor amenities to make it a better place for your pets. Grand Terrace Apartment Homes is cat-friendly, offering space for your feline companion. You can ask to see our pet policy to find out more.

Check Out Amenities

When looking for a large apartment in Long Beach, it’s not just the apartment itself that matters. The amenities that are available in and around the apartment building are important too. You might want to cons, der amenities such as laundry facilities, a swimming pool and maintenance services. See our selection of apartment amenities to see what you can get in one of our apartments. As well as high-quality amenities inside your apartment, Grand Terrace offers a heated pool and spa, a gated bicycle-lock area and a gated community for security.

Pay Attention to Parking

If you’re looking for a larger apartment, you might also be concerned about parking. Perhaps you’re planning to live with roommates, and you want to make sure that there’s enough parking space for more than one vehicle. When you’re looking for your perfect apartment, you might want to ask about whether there is private parking available so that you have somewhere safe to put your car.

Take a Tour

If you want to know if an apartment is right for you, a tour gives you a chance to view it before making a decision. When you schedule a tour, you can take a close look at the apartment that you’re interested in and ask any questions that you might have. It allows you to see the neighborhood and get a good idea of whether the area is right for you, as well as if the apartment would be a good fit. Judging the size of an apartment can be tough until you see it in person, so viewing an apartment before applying for it can be helpful.

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