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How to Decorate a Studio Apartment: 9 Ideas for Studios in Long Beach

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Decorating and furnishing homes can be a challenge. It gets cranked up to the highest difficulty when furnishing a studio apartment because now you have to deal with smaller, tighter spaces.

You’ll struggle to figure out how to fit the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other spaces you find in a house in such a small area. How do you fit everything in one place without looking too cramped? 

Worry not, we’re here to help. Learn how to decorate a studio apartment with these ideas and suggestions.

1. Create Distinct Areas

In learning how to decorate a studio apartment, one thing you should remember is to assign specific corners for particular roles. Think of certain areas in the apartment space and give them a distinct purpose.

For instance, you can take one corner and designate it as your living space. Set aside a separate area for your bed and then another for your office space. 

With those areas defined, you can decorate and set divisions. This allows you to play around yet still have a purpose in mind.

One tip in mind, keep your sleeping area separate from the living area or hangout area. Consider having a divider to separate them. This gives you a sense of privacy even when you’re dealing with smaller spaces.

2. Go with One Color Palette

One approach you can take is to go with one color palette. Choose a color palette and stick with it as you set your decorations and furniture to have shades of that color. You can even coordinate this with matching floor rugs for more distinction with the room areas.

For example, you have a room that has white walls and ceiling. One way to maximize the look of such a space is to coordinate with that color. You can do this with matching the wall colors but also having some accents in different colors.

Or, if you have a room covered in blue, you can use that as a base color and coordinate your furniture with shades of it.

3. Be Creative with Room Dividers

When setting up dividers, you can use movable dividers to set boundaries. This helps in defining areas into the apartment space. This can be in the form of foldable room dividers that you can set in the area.

Or you can take the double-duty approach and use shelves to act as dividers. This way, you can maximize both layout and function. 

We mentioned earlier how you have to separate the area for the bed from the living area. You can use curtains as a stylish soft divider that you can change every time. You can also opt for a more functional approach using shelves.

4. Consider Creating a Closet Space

Maximizing the space is the main point when decorating a studio apartment. While having a huge closet stands out as cumbersome, you don’t have to limit yourself to plastic bins hidden under the bed to store your clothes and shoes.

You can create a walk-in closet for your apartment space, although this could be rather slim. One idea is to set at least 40 inches away from the wall.

Another approach is to set up closet space with the concept of an open closet. This allows you to use an empty wall and set up shelves, hanging racks, and drawers for storage.

5. Play Around with Curtains

Curtains work well as both a window treatment and as a divider. You can coordinate the windows along with the overall style that you like for the apartment. Matching the color palette whenever you wish.

One idea you should try is to go for white window treatments. It brings out a bright and airy feel to the studio apartment.

6. Make Use of Every Corner

The idea is to maximize the space that you have. Aside from defining the areas in your apartment and treating it as zones, you can play around with the decorations.

This includes the corner areas. You can decorate that portion and have it as an alcove for reading or as a hangout area. This works well when you have a window on that very corner.

7. Double Duty Furniture Works Wonders

Maximizing the space available also means having furniture running double duty. The trend of having multipurpose furniture goes around as both stylish and helpful in small living spaces.

These can be chairs that also work as containers or beds that have compartments underneath. Also, consider picking a coffee table big enough to sit at for meals in case there’s no room for dining tables.

8. Get Creative with Shelves

We mentioned how you can use shelves as dividers. This is one of the ways you can use them instead of having them set on the corners of the room. This is the case for upright shelves.

For wall shelves, you can get creative with their uses. You can use them as part of the closet space. On top of that, wall shelves work wonders in accentuating the look of the area. The trick is in how you decorate and shelf the objects there.

Play around with how you shelf books, picture frames, and other objects.

9. Avoid Clutter and Overcrowding

With the desire to find ways to maximize the studio apartment space, remember to not overcrowd it. Clutter is what makes the studio apartment look too tight. Avoid overcrowding as much as possible.

Consider the idea of having either downsized furniture. These happen to be small but comfortable enough to use. You can also go with furniture that you can easily hide, like beds that fold up as part of a wall.

Other things to help in eliminating clutter is to not avoid both traditional and visual clutter. This should help in keeping the studio from feeling cramped.

Check out the KonMari method and focus on things that spark joy. This can help you figure out what you need for your living space.

Know How to Decorate a Studio Apartment with Ease

Now that you know how to decorate a studio apartment, you can now find ways to maximize the space and have it as an affordable option for your lodging. All it needs is some thoughtful decorating.

When it comes to looking for living spaces in Long Beach, we can find one that suits your needs. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.