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It’s Always Happy Hour: The 7 Best Breweries in Long Beach, CA

breweries in long beach ca

breweries in long beach ca

As the 7th largest city in California, Long Beach has many interesting activities to offer to its citizens. However, there’s no activity quite as fun or indulgent as relaxing at a brewery with some friends. The mix of delicious food, unique craft beers, and a buzzing atmosphere all work together to make the experience unforgettable.

If you’re new to the area, then you might not know all of the hidden gems this city has to offer. You’re in luck. Long Beach is home to many breweries that excel in their craft.

That’s why we’ve collected a list of the best breweries in Long Beach, CA, so that you’ll know exactly where to go for a great time. Keep reading to find your next destination!

1. Phantom Carriage

The first thing you’ll notice when you step into this brewery is the atmosphere.

Unique artwork of skulls, bones, and critters line the walls at every turn. You might not notice that demon statue standing in the darkness, but once it catches your eye, it’ll be difficult to look away. If you love creatures of the night, then you’ll fit right in with this cinematic brewery.

Their craft beers fit the theme as well, with names like Daughters of Darkness and Nightmare on Main Street. With over 18 different beers to choose from, you’ll have a great time testing each one yourself.

Give in to your darker side and check out the Phantom Carriage the next time you want to have some fun!

2. The 4th Horseman

There’s a similar cinematic quality to this new brewery in Long Beach, CA. Although two of its creators originated from Phantom Carriage, the 4th Horseman is no knock-off. They’ve put in twists and turns to deliver a unique experience.

Red is dominant in the design, with black to accent the vibrant color. They go hard into their theme, with dark horseman, crows, devils, and other apocalypse-inspired themes throughout the brewery. They even have Apocalypse Pizza which is a favorite around the city.

They only have 8 craft beers on tap, but each one shines with delicious flavors. You don’t need any others when you’ve got such a curated selection in front of you.

They even have themed arcade games to make the night even more enjoyable.

3. Belmont Brewing Co

Standing tall as one of the oldest pubs around, this place never fails to impress. This is why it’s known as one of the best craft breweries in Long Beach, CA. Located in a prime spot next to the waterfront, there are few breweries as beautiful as the Belmont Brewing Co.

The building has many large windows so that none of its oceanside views go to waste. There are also outdoor seating options for those who don’t mind a little salty breeze with their beer.

With 7 brews on offer alongside whole lunch and dinner menus, this brewery has it all. Plus, they even offer dessert to finish off the meal on a strong note. Whenever you need to impress someone, make sure to bring them here for high-quality service and atmosphere.

4. Ambitious Ales

To many, this is the best brewery in Long Beach, and it tries to live up to those expectations. With a clean industrial design, Ambitious Ales is inviting and warm. Sleek and modern, it doesn’t try to do anything other than deliver delicious craft beers.

Don’t let the simplistic approach fool you. They keep things interesting by having a set of staple beers all year round while adding on seasonal varieties at the same time. It’s the perfect way to get those healthy craft beer benefits without any of the fuss.

Every visit to this brewery feels like you’re getting a whole new experience without being overwhelming.

5. Long Beach Beer Lab

This is one of the breweries in Long Beach, California, but it often gets passed over. It’s nestled in a place that is easy to miss, but once you find this treasure of a brewery, you’ll make sure you return in the future.

The Long Beach Beer Lab takes a love for beer and bread and brings them together to create a place of pure paradise. As you enjoy the craft beer, have a couple of baked goods as well. It’s a classic combination given a new twist at this establishment.

Whenever you need something new to do in Long Beach, give this place a try. You’ll come here for the beer but end up staying for the sourdough!

6. Beachwood Blendery

With a strong focus on unique ales, Beachwood Blendery creates some of the most memorable flavors. Each batch is made in small quantities so you want to keep coming back to taste all the latest discoveries.

Rustic wood and funky pops of color are the highlights of the brewery’s design and add to the experience. Although the food is great as well, everyone comes here for the interesting ales this company offers!

7. Beer Belly Long Beach

Situated right next to the Blendery, Beer Belly’s Long Beach location is another highlight on the street. They pride themselves on their gourmet food style that always pairs up perfectly with their beers. Don’t miss out on trying their crispy duck-fat fries or their loaded burgers. 

There’s a calming atmosphere in this building, made a little more interesting with the mosaic drawn upon the accent wall. You could chill here for hours and enjoy every minute of it!

Don’t Miss Out on These Special Breweries in Long Beach, CA

With this list to help you out, you’ll never have to wonder about where to go for a fun time. Work through this list together with your friends so that you get to experience all of the different breweries in Long Beach, CA. Each has their own spin to make your night better.

You never know what new brewery you’ll add to your list of favorites, so go explore the area and all it has to offer!

If you’re hoping to get a place here in Long Beach and dive into these breweries yourself, contact us today to learn how to get started!