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Rental Apartments in Long Beach, CA: Narrowing Down Your Choices

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Long Beach is one of the hottest places to live in Southern California, and its downtown area is undergoing a tremendous amount of growth.

You’ll be able to soak up the sun in the daytime and enjoy where you lay your head at night when you do your best to find rental apartments in Long Beach, CA. Since this is such a crucial decision, it’s important that you start learning the area, and how you can find the apartment that suits your lifestyle.

To get started, check out the following points.

Figure Out Which Area of Long Beach Suits You

First things first, you need to get a feel for Long Beach as a city. When looking for rental apartments Long Beach CA, you will be pleased to see that the options are incredibly diverse.

Because you have options, leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the right neighborhood for your lifestyle.

In Long Beach, some of the most popular areas include the bustling downtown, Alamitos Beach, 4th Street Corridor, East Village, West Long Beach, and Lakewood Village.

Since each area is so different, you should envision what you want, how long it takes you to get to work, the schooling needs of your children and other such matters. By understanding these different areas and their nuances, it becomes far easier to land the apartment of your dreams.

Factor in Your Budget and Living Expenses

When you’re trying to get the most out of your Long Beach apartment search, never forget to factor in the cost of living. As a rule of thumb, your living expenses should never exceed 30% of your monthly income.

Make sure that you are factoring in not only the rent, but the cost of utilities, and other factors that come with the territory. If you’re moving to Long Beach because of a job opportunity, make sure that you have explored all of these details before the move.

The last thing you’d want is to land the apartment of your dreams, only to have it become a nightmare because you strictly can’t afford it.

Know Which Features are Essential

Many people only focus on the price of the apartment when they’re shopping around. Keep in mind that the features and amenities can make all the difference in the world.

For example, does the apartment come with parking? Parking in Southern California can be hectic at times, so this is a matter you need to find out on the front end. Also, find out what utilities, if any, are included in the cost of the rent.

You should also be aware of things like fitness centers, hot tub and pool, social area, and elevators if the building is tall. The more you know about the apartment on the front end, the sooner you can begin eliminating apartments that don’t have your deal breakers.

Develop a List and Speak to at Least Five Different Apartment Communities

Make sure that you don’t jump the gun when searching for Long Beach apartments. A lot of people and up throwing all their eggs in one basket, only to regret not shopping around more.

Give yourself plenty of time to research and always have a waiting period before making a decision on an apartment that you are falling in love with. You should speak to no less than five communities to see what the market has to offer.

When each apartment is broken down in a list of pros and cons, it can be easier for you to weigh the decisions and know that you have done the appropriate research.

Don’t Hesitate to Negotiate

Believe it or not, the ball is very much in your court when you set out to find an apartment. Many people don’t know that they have the power to negotiate their rent amount and terms.

It’s a renter’s market because Southern California is incredibly expensive and landlords, more than ever, need good, long-term tenants that pay on time.

If you know that your background is glowing and you’ll be an asset to the community, keep your worth in mind as you negotiate.

Simply put, it doesn’t hurt to ask. You can start by simply negotiating a few hundred dollars cheaper than the rent price they’re asking. If they do not want to give wiggle room on the price, you can negotiate the terms to see if you can get a six month or month to month lease, rather than the traditional one year lease.

The key is to remember that everything is negotiable until you get it in writing in the form of the lease agreement. Take this initial time to negotiate with every apartment community that you are researching.

Learn About the Experiences of People Who Live There

In addition to touring the apartment community, make sure that you also read up on the experiences of people that live there.

You can find reviews for just about any community and will get a first-hand account that can be a deciding factor. Pay careful attention to whether or not renters have good experiences with pest control, getting things fixed and feeling safe in the neighborhood.

Once you take a tour in person, don’t hesitate to ask some residents that you see how they like living in the community.

Narrowing Down Rental Apartments in Long Beach, CA

When you’re looking for rental apartments in Long Beach, CA, there are lots of great options.

All you need to do is follow these steps to get you started looking for the best apartment for you. There are plenty of great options, so do your due diligence until you land a winner.

While you look, make sure that you keep Grand Terrace Apartment Homes high on your list. To learn more about our community, get in touch with us today!