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Simple Ways to Go Green in Your Long Beach Apartment


Going green isn’t a one-step change.
Rather, it’s a lifestyle shift that takes time and commitment. If you’re dedicated to conserving energy, lowering your carbon dioxide emissions and embracing sustainability, you’ll need to follow this regimen on a regular basis.
The best place to start? Right with your Long Beach apartment.
When you prioritize green initiatives at home, it’s easier to carry them through the rest of your day.
Today, we’re sharing a few simple ways you can transform your space into an eco-conscious haven that will inspire everyone who crosses your threshold to do the same!
Ready to learn more? Let’s take a look!
1. Switch Your Bulbs
Still rocking those old incandescent light bulbs? If so, you could be wasting energy and emitting more heat than you need.
While compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) were hot commodities in the early 2000s, light-emitting diode (LED) versions are now the best choice.
Research from the U.S. Department of Energy suggests that energy-efficient bulbs use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescents and can last up to 25 times longer. This is a simple change that residents at Long Beach studio apartments can make with ease.
2. Invest in a Power Strip
Have you ever heard of vampire energy?
In short, it’s electric power that your apartment supplies to devices that are either already charged or turned off. In other words, it’s energy going nowhere.
Resist the urge to plug your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and iPod into a wall outlet, then leaving the chargers plugged in while you take your device and go.
Instead, plug in a single power strip and connect your devices to it to charge at the end of the day. When they’re all at 100%, you can flip one switch to cut the power for the time being.
3. Save Water with Every Flush
Of course, renters living in apartments in Long Beach won’t be able to rip up their existing commode and install a new, high-efficiency model. Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to expend excess water with every flush.
Buy a dual-flush converter kit at your local hardware store for less than $100. Then, install it on your toilet and enjoy instant savings on both your utility bill and water usage.
While a traditional commode around four gallons with every flush, low-flow models use less than two gallons. Over time, that adds up to 20,000 gallons saved per year for a family of four. Installation takes under 30 minutes and is a weekend DIY effort you can perform with ease!
4. Seal Windows and Doors
Do you have an hour to spare? If so, reach for some caulk and use it to seal any cracks or openings around your windows or door frames.
This aids in your insulation efforts, making your apartment easier to heat and cool.
Are you always reaching for a sweater in the winter, even with the thermostat cranked way up? You could be losing heat, and caulk can help prevent unnecessary heat loss. To save as much energy as possible, also remember to keep your fireplace damper shut when not in use.
5. Plant Greenery
Want to go green in more ways than one in your apartment? Install a few potted plants indoors!
Not only will you improve the overall air quality, but you’ll also add to your aesthetic, as well. Worried that your thumb isn’t green enough? Stick to low-maintenance varieties designed for indoor use for best results.
5. Use Green Cleaners
Ready to make your apartment shine? Don’t pull out the toxic sprays, scrubs, and cleansers of old.
Instead, make the switch to green, biodegradable cleaners instead. Today, these alternatives are as powerful as their traditional counterparts, doing the job without subjecting your loved ones to harmful fumes.
The best part? You can let the kids help with cleaning day now!
6. Leave the Oven Off
Especially in the summer months, running your oven often can create uncomfortable heat. It can also use up an enormous amount of energy as your air conditioner unit works extra hard to cool things down.
When possible, use your toaster oven to cook small-batch meals instead. Or, stick to no-bake meals when it’s sweltering outside. Your HVAC unit and family members will both thank you!
7. Upgrade Your Window Treatments
Swap out your thin curtains for insulated window shades that help hold in more heat at night. In the morning, when you’re looking for some light, don’t head to the wall switch immediately.
Instead, pull your shades back and open your blinds. This will provide the illumination you need without pulling energy from your apartment.
8. Toss Your Paper Products
Open your kitchen cabinets. Are they filled to the brim with disposable flatware, paper plates, and styrofoam cups? Not only are those items wasteful, but they could be dangerous to your health, as well.
While they might not be quite as convenient, reusable dishes are easier on the environment. Today, you can find many made of unbreakable materials, so even the littlest people in your crew can take part in a greener mealtime.
9. Use the Cold Cycle
Are you used to washing your clothes in piping hot water? Unless you’re looking to sanitize items after an illness, you can get by with using the cold cycle on a normal basis.
We were taught to think that hot means clean, but your clothes will still be sparkling and fresh when you pull them out, even if you don’t use a teaspoon of hot water. Be sure to read your labels to understand the best way to launder your items, but most will be fine if you go this route.
Another reason to embrace cold-water cleaning? Certain stains, such as proteins (sweat, blood) can sink further into the fibers of your clothes with hot water. It can also cause synthetic fabrics to shrink and wrinkle.
10. Prioritize Walkability
Want to make your home even greener? Look for apartments for rent in Long Beach that are within walking distance of your favorite dining, shopping and entertainment facilities!
This way, you don’t have to crank up your engine every time you want to grab a bite to eat, watch the sunset over the ocean, or catch a movie.
Find Your Perfect Long Beach Apartment Today
Are you ready to call this area home for good? After you settle in, there are plenty of ways you can personalize your Long Beach apartment while also making it earth-friendly.
A major movement begins with small steps, so don’t underestimate the power of a tiny change. Do your part, do your best, and do your homework. Then, you’ll be ready to show your next-door neighbors how to do the same!
When you’re ready to start your apartment search, we’d love to help.
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