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Studio vs. 1-Bedroom Apartment – Which One to Choose

Studio vs. 1 Bedroom Apartment

Whether you are planning to buy a nice beach-front apartment at Long Beach or hunting for your first-ever apartment for a new style of home living, you must have lots of decisions to make. This might also include the added confusion between a gorgeous studio apartment and, given a little more space, a 1-bedroom apartment.

While both floor plans are perfectly distinguishable both by name and visually, they have their own perks and differences one ought to know about if they are shopping for an apartment in Long Beach, California.

The Primary Difference between a Studio and 1-Bedroom Apartment

The difference might become very clear once you visit the place and have a look for yourself. However, the main difference in a statement that sets a studio apartment apart from a 1-bedroom apartment is that a 1-bedroom apartment will always have a separate and distinct bedroom area closed off from the kitchen-living area. On the other hand, a studio apartment is a free-standing enclosed space that houses every division under one roof, from the bedroom to the living room and kitchen. Only the bathroom is distinctly closed off.

So What Is a Studio Apartment and Who Should Go For It?

1 Bedroom vs. Studio ApartmentAs described above, a studio apartment would cover every distinguishable division under one roof. The bedroom, kitchen, and living area are all combined in a larger space, with the bathroom closed off in a far corner, giving a stand-alone effect to space.

The majority of the studio apartment floor plans depict the kitchen to be separated by an L-shaped alcove used as a sleeping area. Thus, making studio apartments the perfect choice for those living alone looking for budgeted living in the Long Beach area.

A nice studio apartment would help you save on furniture and other added expenses as you don’t need to fill in space for it to look complete. The area itself makes up for an airy and laid-back space, perfect for a first-time buying experience.

However, studio apartments tend to limit storage spacing. One big hall functioning as kitchen, bedroom and living room may not provide for a closet and require you to place everything right on the forefront.

Therefore, this should allow you to get your creative juices churning when decorating the interiors of a studio apartment. Use dividers, separate wardrobe cupboards, and racks to keep your belongings in place.

Similarly, just as your belongings may find it difficult to find a spot, studio apartments don’t make up for the first apartment for couples looking to live together. They run short on privacy often when working, using the phone, or watching television.

In addition to all this, people who tend to have guests over more often shouldn’t also opt for a studio apartment as your bedroom would serve as a living room and attached kitchen putting everything in an awkward position for both you and the guest.

1-Bedroom Apartments and Who Should Choose To Live In Them

Studio vs. 1 Bedroom ApartmentA 1-bedroom apartment, just as the name implies, has one separate bedroom while the living and kitchen space tends to be kept more open-concept and merged into one, serving as the best choice for people who seek budgeted living and privacy.

Many people who conduct comparisons between studio apartments and 1-bedroom apartments don’t realize that the main attribute of each is that one offers privacy and the other doesn’t. While a studio apartment puts everything at the forefront, having just a separate bedroom is enough for offering much-needed privacy.

That’s why 1-bedroom apartments make up for a cozy and luxurious living space, especially for couples, roommates, and people who tend to host guests. After all, you will save on the time required to neat up the place if a guest is coming. You can just close the door to your bedroom as that is where you keep most of your belongings anyway.

Consequently, if there is a bedroom, then automatically, there will be a closet. This allows for much-needed storage space for clothes and other personal belongings that otherwise might be scattered around the whole house without a dedicated place.

Moreover, these days, many people have started to work from home due to last year’s pandemic, and they can definitely appreciate a 1-bedroom apartment as they won’t be working in a space that is by default their bedroom or on a couch that becomes their bed.

However, with all that being said, a 1-bedroom apartment may look empty and incomplete without proper furniture. Therefore, anybody moving in would have to spend a few bucks on furnishing the place. But it isn’t completely necessary and can be a matter of personal preference for people.

Bottom Line – What Should Your Choice Be?

It is an important decision to choose between a studio and a 1-bedroom apartment, as moving forward, this decision will dictate your lifestyle. Therefore, instead of taking the responsibility upon yourself alone, visit Grand Terrace Apartments. You can schedule a tour with us and take a look at our amazing range of both studio and 1-bedroom apartments such as The Cove and The Nantucket, as well as others. We offer affordable luxury right at the Long Beach front, which should make your choice easier.

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